Entry Market Research

Based on your industry vertical, we gather, record and analyze data and information about the market, customers and the competitors. We research on the values and emotions of the market where you wish to enter. It helps in creating a road map for the entry into market and also understand the necessities to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Incorporating a Legal Entity

Every market has its own regulatory and legal requirements. We assist you in forming a legal entity – be it a Private Limited Company, an Inc. or a GmbH.

Location Analysis

The location of a business is a crucial decision because this will have an important impact on profits. Typically businesses will seek locations that maximize revenues and minimize costs. We assist you in analyzing the location of the business as per your requirement. Our analysis team studies the best possible options and puts before a comparative chart to facilitate decision making

Information Systems Planning

In a world of globalization Information Systems play the role as ‘enabler and facilitator’ for achieving operational excellence. We at MRV assist you right from domain name registration to the complete Information system support; from ordering the right laptop for you to getting your IT systems together. We provide you with the best partners to make sure that business continuity is assured.

Office Infrastructure Planning

The work atmosphere is the key to maximum capacity utilization and utmost satisfaction. MRV assists you in managing your office furniture – right from suggesting your Blue Chair to designing the interiors.

Human Resource Planning

Human Resource is the backbone of the organization. We know the value of personnel and understand the need to get the right person for right job. We assist in planning hierarchy of the organization and tracing out the right person.

Payroll Management

Companies' payroll departments face numerous issues that must be addressed to ensure that employees are paid, contractual obligations are met and tax and other withholding duties are upheld. We offer full moderation over managing your payroll alongwith the administrative support at all times. A team dedicated to managing payroll and advising you on best compliant routes for payroll management is always with you.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is of utmost importance to establish a strong corporate culture. We assist you in External Communications like Media Relations, Company profiling, Managing company publications. We also assist you in internal communication within the organization and brand management.

Event Management

Once you are ready, we are here to brand you up in the market. Since factory launching to the press conferences; since road shows to the opening party, we make the event a grand success. Our event managers understand your need and happen to be the best supporters for your grand opening.


Setting up Legal System

Our legal team understands the need to setup the correct legal system in your organization so that the organization function hassle-free at all times. We study and analysis the requirement of installing Legal Check points in your organization and suggest you the best possible option.

Corporate Due Diligence

The company is required to comply with various laws which we can bifurcate as Corporate Laws. It depends upon the specific Industry to which different Corporate Laws are applicable. Truly, corporate prefer to have due diligence only when there is a Takeover or Merger. However, we intend to inculcate a sense of Corporate Transparency to the outsiders and convince the corporate to perform a periodic Corporate Due Diligence.

The Corporate Due Diligence is the Due Diligence of Corporate Laws that are applicable to the company. We intend to conduct this Due Diligence once in every Financial Year to see whether the company is complying with the applicable laws? And if no, then what are the steps that the organization is required to take to comply with the transparency requirements.

Labor Law Due Diligence

As like there are Corporate Laws applicable to every Organization, there are certain Industries to which specific Labor Laws are applicable. Due to the ongoing problems between the management and the Labor Union, it becomes very tough to perform the activities for the organization. Even though the organization is very particular about complying with the necessary provisions, yet there seems to be a sense of understanding between the Employer and Employees that leads to the distress.

We convince to those organizations with the bigger employee basket to perform a Labor Law Due Diligence once in every financial year to disclose the organization’s consciousness about the employees. In turn employee becomes relaxed as his safety, welfare and health is being taken care of

Environment Law Due Diligence

Especially for those organizations to which the Environment Laws are applicable, are always subject to public at large. This is due to the fact that the Environment is a social subject and it is the social responsibility of all the organizations to comply with the Environmental Laws.

We intend to conduct the Environment Due Diligence once in every financial year to disclose the transparency of compliance with the applicable laws.

Pre and Post Acquisition Due Diligence

At the time of Acquisition, the acquiring party is always keen about carrying out a due diligence. We provide the due diligence services to both the acquiring companies and acquired companies in two folds viz., Pre-acquisition and Post-acquisition.

Due Diligence Under SEBI Guidelines

Under the guidelines of SEBI, the companies are required to conduct a Due Diligence at various times. We provide the professional due diligence services to the listed companies in two folds:

A] Due Diligence of Pre-Capital Issue work.
B] Due Diligence of Post-Capital Issue work.

Secretarial Audit

We provide voluntary Secretarial Audit services to those companies who wish to look out more transparent Secretarial compliance. Secretarial Audit is is conducted in detail which is very exhaustive.


    MRV CORPROATE is a Legal Process Outsourcing Service Provider also. Out expert legal team is the selected cluster of legal professionals from reputed Law Institutions having expertise in providing legal solutions.
  • Legal Research – Client Specific.
  • Para Legal Services
  • Drafting of Contracts and review
  • Proof Reading and Indexation.
  • Corporate Laws and Securities Laws
  • Legal Data Extraction Services
  • Legal Transcription.
  • Legal Document Abstracting